Sarah Ennis

Hi, I'm Sarah, The Quality Manager in Epicom.  In 2013 the then Training Officer offered a work placement opportunity to a DIT Environmental Health student and that was when I was in first contact with Epicom.

Having successfully completed my thesis project, and returning to college to finish my degree, I was then offered a Quality Assurance Assistant position and joined the team full time in 2015.

Since then I have been trained on the vast quality management systems that were built by the previous Quality Manager to BRC Grade A standard with very practical risk based foundation.

I personally like the everday challenges and enjoy working with the team to resolve them.  I view this role as a support to production to ensure they are comfortable with all quality aspects of the procedures and implementation of them.

I enjoy working with customers by pooling knowledge and resources to overcome any obstacles that come up.  Being part of the process of producing the best possible product for them in this role is very rewarding.